SensorModule for Gaspar ECU

Connects the vital values from Gaspar ECU to Multiplex Telemetry


Module is small and lightweight, fits in almost any model, here shown in Boomerang Nano


Delivers instant knowledge of turbine health, fuel quantity (with additional flow sensor)

Additional flow sensor (delivered without festo connectors, and Tygon tubing)

Special Cable for ECU included

Watch the module in function
this particular module has been configured with RPM in slot3, EGT & Status in slot 4, and Throttle % in slot 5
This module is a early version of the hardware

Fully configurable with free Windows software downloaded from support page

Note : a Multiplex interface cable are needed to configure the module

use Multiplex USB receiver interface cable #55149,  or old model RS232 receiver cable #85150 (not included)


Prices and versions 

Basic Version, without flow sensor : 65 Euro including p&p  

Extended Version, with included flowsensor : 90 Euro including p&p

Sorry, The module has sold out